Journal Entry 001

“Artists have the ability to say clearly what the world feels vaguely.”

I can't remember exactly where I read this but it has stuck with me for the last few years. As I think back to the songs that have impacted me the most, they have always carried more than just catchy melodies, cool instrumentation, or a good hook. There is lots of music that I really enjoy, but the songs that mean the most to me are ones that have helped give words to what I am feeling at the moment.

Think of the songs in your life that are most meaningful to you:

  • Why do they stand out?

  • What were you experiencing or going through when you heard them for the first time?

  • What have they helped you put words to, that before listening to them you couldn’t?

As a songwriter, I have written many songs and have found this quote to be true. Out of the songs I have written, the ones that have “stuck” with people the most or had the biggest impact are the ones where I have helped clearly put to words what someone else is feeling.

When I set out to write this song I wrote it for a friend who was going through a hard time. Out of all the songs I have written, this was perhaps the easiest to write. I think that is because I was able to tap in to a universal experience that we both had shared on some level.

- Joel