Journal Entry 002 - Tracking

“Let's make this take as Rock and Roll as we can.”

I remember sharing the song idea of “I Wouldn’t Trade” with two of my best buds, Josh Harris and Seth Gardner. We had been meeting every few weeks for a while to jam out some music ideas I had, but this time there was something different. I had told them about the song and after sharing it with them, we knew it had potential.

As a songwriter, you often end up mining for the good songs. What that means is you write as many songs as you can and trust that you will find a good one every once in a while. I believe that “I Wouldn't Trade” is one of those songs.

When tracking the song we tried a few different ideas and feels but nothing felt just right. Then Josh said, “Ok, for this take let's make it as rock and roll as we can.” I can't tell you how much fun and inspiring it was to record this version of the song!

A few weeks later we had the finalized recording ready to hit the mixing room. Without Josh and Seth, this song wouldn't be what it is today. If you haven't already, head over to their social and give them a follow!